We are always looking for talented individuals with character and personality. Feel free to send us your resume.

We want individuals who have a track record of stretching themselves towards ambitious goals. We believe that we cannot offer our clients true innovation in our services without having innovation baked into our culture. We want educated and adaptable individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who are willing to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Beyond looking to fill specific positions, we are looking for people we want to share our lives with. By pushing each other to be better than we were the day before, we build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our coworkers and our clients. We encourage our employees to pursue what they value in life while contributing to our professional work and culture. Organic growth of each individual at our firm is of paramount importance.

It is through personal and professional growth that we can truly offer our clients innovation and diversity of thought, striving towards ambitious goals.

These are the current opportunities at Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC.  Each of these roles can span disciplines and experience levels. Please apply to the role you’re most interested in.

DevOps Engineer (Mid-Level and Senior Level)

C++ Software Engineer (Mid-Level)

Check back for additional positions opening up soon.  We are always accepting resumes!  Send your open CV to info@hellebore.com