Reduce IT Spending through SAM and VRM

(For Organizations Large and Small) The true difference between larger companies approaches to reducing IT spending and smaller ones: Software Asset Management (SAM) and Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) are critical to reducing overall IT spending while still ensuring that employees have the tools they need to be successful. And even small companies can leverage the benefits! TechTarget sites research by… Read More

Invest in Hiring Right

Hiring the best talent for your team is critical to not only succeed with clients but to the long-standing success of your company.  Hellebore has looked at strategies employed by several high-performance organizations and has developed a set of core hiring principles.  By understanding how to utilize these principles to reach hiring goals, we can ensure that we are growing… Read More

Test for Truth

When implementing software, it is essential to apply a consistent design to the logic throughout an application. When examining any function, a developer or tester has to understand the logic that was being applied. This examination requires understanding the nuances of the individual function, appreciating the corner cases, and determining if the correct logic was applied. A code review can... Read More

Celero Microbenchmarking for C++

Throughout our Defense and Commercial Consulting engagements, a common theme continually turns up in design, code reviews, and watercooler talk: performance.  Waxing theoretical about what should be fast is fun, but not usually very accurate.  To truly understand performance trades, you must measure.  Celero is a microbenchmark library designed as a tool to understand algorithmic trades within very small pieces of… Read More

Legacy Software Modernization

There seems to be a continual tension in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) between upgrading to the latest development technologies and supporting legacy software or systems.  Can a proper balance be found? Argument: Don’t Break What isn’t Broken There is usually a side arguing for supporting as large of a user base as possible.  There may be a business pressure… Read More

Software Engineering Blooms in Dayton

On 1 April 2019, Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC, is a new software engineering and defense consulting company in Dayton, Ohio.  They announced their intention to address what they see as a deficiency in high-end software engineering services in the local defense market. With a focus on providing scalable software engineering services in fields such as mission systems, modeling and simulation,… Read More