By working with vendors and service providers to develop secure cloud architectures in support of a client’s business strategy, Hellebore’s Cloud & Security Architecture Division is able to maximize the benefit of public, hybrid, and private cloud services for clients while eliminating the reliance on dated, non-scalable legacy systems. An organization benefits from reduced duplicity and gains modern security capabilities, scalable on-demand infrastructure and predictable agile-based service-oriented cost models for the IT Operations of their business.

Having the right people in place is critical for Cloud & Security Architecture. The role of a Cloud & Security Architect is a hybrid. To understand it, we have to understand the traditional roles of Cloud Architects and Security Architects. Specifically, we need to understand how they fit into in an Information Technology organization.

Cloud Architect
A Cloud Architect is responsible for linking an organization’s strategic goals, business requirements and risk portfolio with that of cloud-designed architectures, technologies, services and vendors from a technical perspective.
Security Architect
A Security Architect is responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s business processes, its data, people, and technology through the secure design of technical, physical, and administrative security programs and systems.

When combined, the Cloud & Security Architect advances the infrastructure needs and service-oriented capabilities of a firm through secure cloud technologies and platforms. Whether DevSecOps, automation, or digitization, the Cloud & Security Architect leverages cloud architectures to support the strategic vision of the organization and its technical requirements in a secure manner.