Hellebore Commercial Services

Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC is a Dayton-based software technology company.  We founded Hellebore specifically to provide next-generation commercial software engineering consulting services to clients.  As a professional software engineering firm, we specialize in leveraging high-performance programming languages for businesses. 

Let us work with you to leveraged our depth of experience. We have built a company focused on meeting the demanding needs of our clients.  The result is the delivery of purpose-built software and processes. Our products are robust, maintainable, and never loose focus on their core mission: Building value for the client.

  • Leveraging decades of applied software engineering and architecture development experience
  • Defining the next generation of software engineering processes and products
  • Challenging legacy mindsets and delivering true innovation
  • Driving new standards in software quality, testing, and performance
  • Creating software engineering processes which are automated and scalable
C++ Archiecture Design

The nationally-recognized staff has the depth of experience to help design and implement next-generation software architectures.  While unleashing the bare-metal power of modern C++, we will leverage the best-of-breed in computer science design patterns and automation to bring software systems to life. Our architectures provide scale, interoperability, and testability that many ad-hoc systems completely lack.

Software Modernization

Recharge your software by understanding that often systems are created by highly talented engineers that don’t understand good software development practices. We can introduce better quality control, efficiency, and accuracy to your existing code bases.


DevOps (or even DevSecOps) is a simplistic concept: Create a culture that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.  Successful implementation of this type of culture is challenging.  Let Hellebore help guide your team through these changes.

We are consulting on a wide range of software-centric tasks involving software architecture design, novel applications, and large scale software engineering. Our staff bring a unique breadth of knowledge and helping to lead our client through organizational change while driving lead-edge industry practices into a defense environment.

Modern C++

Nationally recognized modern software engineering expertise focused on modern high-performance languages such as C, C++, and Rust.

U.S.-Based High Performance Engineers

Curated U.S.-based staff representing best-of-breed practices working in high-performance teams. Our staff are highly experienced in leading organizations through technical and cultural changes.  We have over 20 years of experience in application development, architecture design, and technical risk management.


Hellebore stands ready to help your organization accelerate! Start a conversation about how Hellebore can help your organization’s software engineering efforts.