Hellebore Defense Services

Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC is a Dayton-based software technology company. We founded Hellebore specifically to provide next-generation software consulting services to Department of Defense (DoD) clients. The result is software and processes that are robust, maintainable. We never lose focus on our core mission of bringing the best America has to the fight.

  • Our DoD Consulting business leverages decades of applied software engineering and architecture development experience
  • Defining the next generation of software engineering processes and products
  • Challenging legacy mindsets and delivering true innovation
  • Driving new standards in software quality, testing, and performance
  • Creating engineering processes which are automated and scalable
Modeling & Simulation

Highly experienced in DoD-centric research by developing and utilizing a wide range of modeling and simulation software (i.e. AFSIM, Amber, Argo, BlueMax, Endgame Manager, ESAMS, HIVE, JAAM, Shazam, STIMS)

Live Test and Training

Our staff has over 15 years of experience support Live Test and Training at places like the Nellis Test and Training Range (NTTR).  We helped pioneer Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) software: driving innovation into Red Flag and other events.

Mission Systems Software

Hellebore understands modern mission systems and their unique demands on software.  We have the experience to help maintain SWAP while maximizing compute.

Past Performance

Hellebore has provided high-end consulting services on a wide range of software-centric tasks.  From software architecture design to novel applications, our large-scale software engineering expertise sets us apart. Our staff bring a unique breadth of knowledge covering technology, blue systems, and threat systems to these highly demanding environments.


Hellebore is currently executing a large Advisory & Assistance Services contract for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC).


Building the right team to meet the client’s mission needs is critical.  We have a proven track record partnering with companies (such as Modern Technology Solutions, Inc (MTSI)) to deliver high-end software solutions to our clients.

Let’s get started.