The Project started out with energy and optimism.  The requirements design was completed on time and the team was excited to get started on implementation.  The first sign of issues started to be voiced in stand-up meetings.  Now that the first milestone is near, warning flags are showing up everywhere.  The team is working late.  Leadership is stressed and is asking more questions.  The project is missing the mark and you can see the schedule is slipping away.  Deliveries being rushed and the next stakeholder meeting is not going to go well.  It is time to consider professional Project Recovery.


Hellebore can get your project back on track.

With our principles-driven approach to project recovery: Hellebore will fix the code, the processes, and the team. We will drive your project to succeed and ensure success for your team in the future. This isn't just about the code, its about the health of the organization, its people, and its products.

Our Agile project recovery strategy will resolve the root cause of the problems for the project to implement a comprehensive recovery plan. While every project has unique needs, there are guidelines to help move through the process.

Retrace the goals of the project to their origins.

What are the fundamental goals and drivers for the software project?

Determine the root causes of the failure

From a design review to execution failures, connect failures to behaviors and practices that caused them.

Determine what is salvageable.

What parts of the project are worth keeping? Work actively against a Sunken Cost Fallacy and objectively review the project.

Redefine the fundamentals.

Redesign the architecture, quality controls, and processes. Automate wherever possible and enable project success.

Implement the recovery.

Design a plan that the team can execute. Re-engineer the schedule. Evolve down the path of an effective project recovery.

Get your project back on track.

Contact us today to see how we can help get your project on track and executed successfully!