Hellebore’s Software Asset Management (SAM) services focus on Software Acquisition and Software License Management services. Software Acquisition and Software License Management is critical for organizations spending capital on commercial software.  Negotiating favorable license agreements and managing those licenses effectively is critical. Successful strategies can significantly reduce operating costs while ensuring your staff possesses the tools they need to execute.

As part of our commercial services, our staff has developed critical SAM policies and procedures. Our strategies have been proven to maximize the benefits of software assets. Benefits gained from employing proper acquisition strategies and managing the software licenses and lifecycle provide long-term year-to-year savings.

Enterprise Software Management

To manage the Software Lifecycle, we first develop the enterprise infrastructure to support the methodology. We establish Software Lifecycle Management Procedures and Guidelines to ensure best practices and best return on your software investment dollars.  We work hand-in-hand with the purchasing department, legal team, and executives to deliver the best software solutions for the enterprise.

Effective Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that encompasses Software License Management which involves managing and optimizing the acquisition, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization.


Select the best vendor alternative based upon the software road-map, licensing options, installation concerns, installation location, training, and support.


Ensure effective roll-outs of the software to both the IT staff and the end users.


Get your employees utilizing the software to maximise its benefit. Too often, software goes underutilized due to ineffective training, old processes, and legacy procedures.

Reporting & Maintenance

Deploy reporting procedures and techniques to accurately track who, how, and where the software is being used down to the software module level.


Key in a comprehensive license and security policy, we help formulate processes and procedures for software asset disposal.

Strategic application of Software Asset Management SAM aims to satisfy five goals:

  • Reduction in the software’s initial and long-term support costs through the negotiation of volume contract agreements and elimination (or reallocation of) underutilized software licenses.
  • Enforcement of corporate security policies, a reduction from the threat of malicious software. (i.e. from supply chain attacks.)
  • Improvement in employee effectiveness by deploying the right technology quickly and responding to continually changing software acquisition requirements.
  • Reduction in the overhead costs associated with management and support of software through automation and dedicated IT processes. (i.e. inventory tracking, issue tracking, patch management)
  • Development and employment of policies and procedures for the acquisition, documentation, deployment, use, and retirement of software to maximize the long-term benefits of our SAM strategies.

If you’re tracking your software with a spreadsheet, you need our help!

Even small organizations spend significant capital on software. Our services scale with your organization. Let Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC streamline your organization’s software acquisition and software maintenance.