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Introducing HELLEBORE

Welcome to Hellebore.

Our mission is to engineer high-quality, impactful, and maintainable technology solutions that build value for both our staff and our clients.  We value radical transparency, strong culture, and meaningful relationships. 



Hellebore was engineered to disrupt the legacy mindsets in defense. The design, development, and maintenance of software for the DoD is at the core of our competencies.


Hellebore Digitization, DevOps Adoption, Cloud, and Cybersecurity Strategies bring decades of lessons learned to super-charge your organization.

Hellebore Defense

At Hellebore, we push to extend past the familiar and find the latest solutions for tomorrow’s problems. As a non-traditional, high-value DoD contractor with decades of experience in software engineering and architecture development, we’re here to provide our DoD clients with innovative and scalable solutions.

Hellebore Defense

Context and understanding the problem are keys to success in effective software acquisition and development. Let Hellebore bring decades of cross-disciplinary experience to bear against your most challenging acquisition problems. From an in-the-weeds engineering understanding to management of a large, distributed delivery team, the Hellebore approach to program delivery brings value to our clients years after implementation.


    • Challenging legacy mindsets and delivering true innovation
    • Project Management
    • Software Requirements Definition
    • Software Contract Development
    • Software Delivery Analysis
    • DevSecOps Software Factory Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Software License Management
    • Enterprise IT
    • On-Premise/Hybrid Cloud Design, Installation, and Management
    • Project SMEs
Modeling & Simulation
Our experts have built, tested, and operated simulations – like high-fidelity constructive engineering models and live-virtual-constructive mission-level simulations – to advance technologies and train the warfighter. Hellebore understands the use cases and design context behind numerous DoD authoritative models and simulations. Our decades of experience writing models, exercising their capabilities, and managing analysis efforts will help your organization navigate the matrix of tasks and capabilities to right-size your analytical effort. It is our approach to design simulation environments with customized fidelity for the study at hand. We apply the rigor necessary to understand where sensitivities lay in various environments and how they impact the analytical outcome. Hellebore’s approach to model integration helps ensure balance among analytic utility, development time, and run time.


  • Live Test and Training Support
  • Extensive Nellis Test and Training Range (NTTR) Experience
  • LVC Simulation Design and Implementation
  • Multi-domain support including sensors and platform kinematics
Software Development
Our nationally recognized team will use their expertise to design and implement next-generation software architectures. Using the bare-metal power of modern languages, we will use the best computer science design patterns and automation to bring your software systems to life. Combine this expertise in engineering with a broad knowledge base and DoD domain experience, and you have a software team that speaks your language and accelerates your goals.


  • Mission Systems (i.e., OMS, OCS)
  • Software and System Engineering
  • Large Scale Agile Team Management
  • Education & Training
  • Scalable Software Design & Implementation
  • DevSecOps and Software Development Expertise
Cloud Architecture links an organization’s strategic goals, business requirements, and risk portfolio with cloud-designed architectures, technologies, services, and vendors.

Hellebore Cloud & Security Architects advance the infrastructure needs and service-oriented capabilities through secure cloud technologies and platforms. Whether DevSecOps, automation, or digitization, we use cloud and security architecture to support the strategic vision of the organization and its technical requirements.

Combining Cloud and Security Architecture into a unified vision for an organization leverages the power of both to achieve both goals. 


  • Cloud Architecture Design, Deployment, & Management
  • Software Factory Design & Implementation
  • CloudONE, FENCES, PlatformONE
  • Education & Training

Hellebore Advisory

Hellebore Digitization, DevOps Adoption, Cloud, and Cybersecurity Strategies bring decades of lessons learned to super-charge your organization.  Whether starting a digitalization effort, adopting new software development practices, or beginning the process to mature your IT, Cloud, and Cybersecurity strategies, Hellebore Advisory Services is ready to work with you on your strategic and operational efforts.

Hellebore Advisory
Technology Strategy and Acceleration Guidance

Is your business thinking about migrating operations to the cloud? Do you have critical IT processes which require a hardware refresh, but not quite sure where to start? How aligned are your IT operations to the business strategy? Allow Hellebore to provide insights, consultation, and 3rd party risk assessments so you can make better business decisions.

Hellebore can assist you in properly aligning software engineering, security, and IT operations for powerful benefits and business strategy enablement. Hellebore’s experience will guide your business toward rapid software deliveries using best practices in DevOps, strong communication, and plan-oriented software enablement.

  • IT Rationalization Strategy
  • Cloud Readiness Strategies
  • Digitalization Strategies
  • DevOps Maturity
  • Risk Assessments
  • Platform Capability Assessments
  • IT & Cloud Requirements Analysis, Needs Assessment & System Specifications
Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is crucial to the success of your company. Hellebore provides guidance on how to protect and enhance your technology stack, mature cyber processes, update security policies, and leverage common training for your business protection and continuity.

  • Cybersecurity Policy Creation and Review
  • IT & Cybersecurity Effectiveness
  • DevOps Pipeline Security


      Life at Hellebore

      Our team is comprised of experts who love a challenge and are passionate about their craft. Collaboration and innovation build meaningful relationships within the team and with our clients. We’re growing fast, and we want to stack the deck to deliver the highest quality, innovative solutions for our clients.

      The personal and professional growth of our team members encourages them to be innovative and diverse in the solutions we offer our clients. We’ll take care of your conference fees, encourage you to build your own business and client portfolio, and flex your entrepreneurial muscles each day.



      The personal and professional growth of our team members encourages them to be innovative and diverse in the solutions we offer our clients. We’ll take care of your conference fees, encourage you to build your own business and client portfolio, and flex your entrepreneurial muscles each day.

      Daniel Squibb

      Hellebore Core Values

      Our Core Values drive how we want to operate as a company.  They aren’t just something “put out by corporate,”  we use these every day in our communication to help diagnose problems and make the company better.  

      Promote Transparency

      Promote Transparency

      No Bullshit.  Openness and transparency are at our core.  You owe it to the rest of the team and to our clients to layout your thoughts and ideas and be open to the thoughts and ideas of others.  Speaking your mind requires thoughtfulness, contemplation, and consideration.  Listening to others requires just as much honesty and transparency as transmitting your own ideas.

      Hold the Bar High

      Hold your team to a high standard and insist that they hold you to the same or higher standard. When things get hard, it is easy to lower the bar.  Know the difference between accumulating debt (technical, management, etc.) and lowering the bar. Audit our process, people, technology, and culture to ensure we continually improve as a team and for our clients.

      Play as a Team

      Play as a Team

      Execute with speed and purpose. Maintain a team-first mentality.  Be ready to stretch out of your comfort zone to support your team.  Talk to your teammates.  Know when to take the shot and when to pass the ball. Keep communications open and do what is right for the team. No infighting.  No drama.  No gossip.  Be serious without taking yourself too seriously.

      Build Value

      Identify Win-Win-Win situations. Build value for our clients, our company, and each other.  Recognize that the value of a great idea diminishes over time.  Build initiative, ownership, and communication across your efforts. Complete your swing.

      Be the Change you Seek

      Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility, but action only takes an individual. Use your assertiveness and resourcefulness as a catalyst for change.  Make our products, processes, people, culture, and company better.



      Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life. – Ray Dalio

      We encourage our employees to pursue what they value in life while contributing to our professional work and culture. You spend a lot of time with your coworkers, so it’s important for us to fill our positions with people we want to share our lives with. Prioritizing meaningful relationships with our coworkers encourages us to build those same types of relationships with our clients.

      We have over 100 documented principles that we use to help make decisions.  Here is a small sample of the principles Hellebore uses to be successful within our team and with our clients.

      Please reference principles.com for great reading on the topic.

      #4 – Understand Intent

      People can be bad at stating requirements. Work to understand intent. Satisfying every requirement is not the same thing as doing a good job. Don’t confuse checklists with personal responsibility.  Just doing what is written in a Jira story isn’t the same thing as meeting the goal of a sprint.

      #18 – Disagree and Commit

      Disagree and commit is a management principle which states that individuals are allowed to disagree while a decision is being made, but that once a decision has been made, everybody must commit to it. Disagree and commit is a method of avoiding the consensus trap, in which the lack of consensus leads to inaction.

      #31 – People Don’t Scale. Processes Scale.

      Understand the difference between Growth and Scale. Use data-driven decisions and automation to take people out of the loop.  Continuously tune the machine you use to accomplish tasks and document what is working and what doesn’t.

      #44 – Empower the Team

      From an organizational perspective, how cumbersome is your decision-making process? From a manager’s perspective, how do you correlate authority and responsibility? From a team member’s perspective, how are you empowering the person sitting next to you? How are you enabling speed and agility?



      Our blog finds its home at the intersection of technology, culture, and principles.  These articles are a great way to get to know our company, understand the value we bring, and learn something new in the process.

      Hellebore Blog

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