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Great People + Great Culture = Great Technology

Our team is comprised of dynamic individuals who love a challenge and are passionate about their craft. Collaboration and innovation build meaningful relationships within the team and with our clients. We’re growing fast, and we want to stack the deck with great talent to deliver value to our teams, company, and clients.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

We want to hire dynamic individuals that want to help build our culture of trust, transparency, and technical excellence.  Be it your first job out of college, looking for a new challenge mid-career, or wanting to leverage decades of experience, our team wants to talk to you!  


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We will contact you to set up a quick phone introduction.


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Get to know our team members, discuss solutions, philosophy, and your career goals.


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Why Hellebore

Hellebore is More than a Technology Company

As founders, when we started Hellebore we aimed to simply find ourselves work that was both meaningful and enjoyable.  It was a bonus that we would also get to work with people we liked.  As we have grown, we have turned this direction into a mission.  We don’t have growth targets and quarterly expectations we need to meet.  We have a team of really great people that know each other and care about each other.  Every day, we show up do meaningful and impactful work that helps great clients.

Hiring is the Most Important Thing We Do

As we continue to build the company, the individuals we hire will influence our success and our culture more than anything else we do.  This can be a good thing, or a bad thing.  To make sure it is a good thing, we continually refine how we are hiring to get the best results possible. 

We are looking for people that bring value across our organization.  We look for strong, individual contributors that click into roles, with shared values, and shared goals.  We ask ourselves: “Is this someone we want to spend part of our life with?”  People are that important.  

Great employees are high-bandwidth, creative thinkers.  They can deconstruct problems on the fly, talk people through their thought processes, engage with our clients, and work iteratively to build great products.

Hiring Right is Hard

Without consciously working at it, people tend to hire others who are like themselves.  We have to acknowledge this and use it to our advantage.  When we design hiring teams, we aim to keep them purposely diverse with respect to the kinds of people that do the interviewing.  There can also be an urge to hire someone that is adequate, especially when we have so much work to go about doing.  But lowering the bar to build up a team is not what we are about.  We must constantly Hold the Bar High, hire people more talented than ourselves, and continue to help those around us grow.

Hellebore is Self-Funded

We have never brought in outside investors. Since our earliest days, this has been incredibly important in providing freedom to shape our company and our culture.  We are free to make the decisions that benefit our employees, culture, and our clients.  We call this a win-win-win and it is key to how we make decisions about where to take the company.

Life at Hellebore

The personal and professional growth of our team members encourages them to be innovative and diverse in the solutions we offer our clients. We’ll take care of your conference fees, encourage you to build your own business and client portfolio, and flex your entrepreneurial muscles each day.

We Love Living in Dayton

As explained by the Dayton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau: “Dayton, Ohio is located within a 600-mile radius of 67% of the nation’s population. Our desirable location invites an eclectic mix of businesses, individuals, families, and visitors. Montgomery County, Ohio is home to exceptional arts and culture allowing residents and visitors to enrich their lives through music, theater, festivals, fine dining, and much more. For those who enjoy nature and wildlife, Montgomery County offers 2,400 acres of forests, nature preserves, and wildlife areas for exploration. Our region also boasts the Nation’s Largest Paved Bike Trail Network with more than 340 miles of paved, multi-use bikeways.”

Flexible schedules, great benefits, and a priority on people development.

Weeks of Paid Time Off


401k Profit Sharing Contribution

Paid Federal Holidays

Paid Days Off Per Year

This is the best place I have ever worked.  I really love it here!

Dr. Ken Eaton

Chief, AI/ML, Hellebore

Career Growth at Hellebore

Each company does things a little different.  While each position is unique, let us help you navigate our jobs a little better.  When you read our job titles, here’s what you need to know.

Continuous Learning

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly we hold different kinds of internal events to help deliver knowledge across the company.  We activley work to integrate knowledge gained by individual contributors and disseminate it as best practices across the company regularly.


Staff positions generally require 0-3 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree.


Senior positions generally require 3-10 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree.


Principal-level positions generally require more than 10 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree. 


Chief (e.g., Chief Engineer) positions generally require more than 20 years of experience and a highly-specialized and unique skillset.



Please click here to view our open positions.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.


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