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What A Big Win Looks Like

A big win. Maybe the biggest.

Hellebore was started to be a place we wanted to work and build great software.  This week I got a note from an employee that said, “Best place I have ever worked!”.  They went on to say, “It’s a great feeling knowing that your employers care about your personal growth and development.”

When you come to work for Hellebore, you are coming to a company built by individuals who care deeply about their work, clients, and coworkers. 

We will work with you to build your career, your expertise, and hope to earn your friendship along the way.   

It means the world to me that we are building a great culture.  Sometimes we will get it wrong, but hopefully, we will learn and grow together.  Knowing that our team loves working here and that we built a culture where we are helping each other personally and professionally is maybe the biggest win we could have ever hoped for.



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